Concert Programs

The repertoire of the Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet entirely consists of transcriptions, arrangements, and compositions by the four members of the group. Each concert provides a window into our world—what we’ve been listening to and how we want to twist it.

A Broken Anthology of Western Music

The Breaking Winds take the audience for a whirlwind tour of the history of Western music, finally restoring all those bassoon parts that composers forgot to write. All music in the period between Biber and Bieber is fair game, now presented with enhancements like kazoo virtuosity, marching band-style choreography, reed crows, and pop progressions. Highlights include Air on Chariots of Fire, Pièce en forme de “habanero”, Bolero Bassoon Parts, and 1812 Overture.

The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet Sheet Music

A Mini Anthology of Western Music

A Broken Anthology of Western Music is adapted for a short time window (45-60 minutes). This set is ideal for younger audiences or presenters with time constraints.

Bassoon Quartet at Joes Pub

The Pub Set

We asked ourselves, “What music would we want to enjoy with friends over a drink?” and this show was our answer. The Pub Set includes contemporary Top 40 songs, classic rock hits, jazz-inflected originals, and music that makes us feel nostalgic for childhood. Some of the Breaking Winds’ “greatest hits”, such as Lady Gaga Saga, Disney Princess Party, Beatles and more are featured.