Educational Programs

The BWBQ engages audiences of all ages via artistry, jokes, theatrics, and conversation. We strive for a culture of interaction, not simply passive listening.

k-12 programs

K-12 Programs

In schools, a 30-60 minute concert program is tailored to the needs of each class or program. Younger students learn about instrument design and how music plays a role in their daily lives. Older students are offered ways to enrich their own education with creativity and play. Students and teachers take part in the performance as conductors, percussionists, and even as featured actors! A quick Q & A session wraps it up.

concerto collaborations bassoon

Concerto Collaborations

As featured soloists, the Breaking Winds may perform the following pieces:
Breaking Out for four bassoons and Wind ensemble by Scott A. Switzer
Bugler’s Holiday (Bassoonist’s Holiday) by Leroy Anderson
Serenade for a Picket Fence by Norman Leyden
Konzertstück for four horns and orchestra by Robert Schumann


Entrepreneurial Clinics

Primarily intended for university students, these clinics address topics of special interest to emerging artists, including promotion, audience engagement, and fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The Breaking Winds begin by sharing key information about the founding of our group, then take questions to gauge the priorities of the class.

chamber music masterclass-bassoon

Chamber Master Classes

Chamber ensembles are coached in a group setting, with the overarching goals of improving group communication and encouraging artistry. The Breaking Winds present out-of-the-box tasks to each group, such as playing without music, communicating nonverbally, or dancing, then tie the tasks to ensemble skills. The class intends to leave musicians with motivation, positivity, and new information to apply to their practice.